Anam Cara Community 2012 is just around the corner.
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Why Anam Cara Community?

Because your story is important.

We gather:

  • For the connection of our hearts.

  • For compassionate spiritual direction.

  • To deepen the presence of Love in our lives.

  • For ongoing, heart-centered learning to support and deepen our skills and training as holy listeners.

  • Because in sacred community we create a circle of grace in which to offer and receive our whole selves.

We are a community of "threshold women" that knows something amazing happens when you share your story with someone who listens from a compassionate,  I'm right here with you place.

Who is this for? (See Is this you?)

  • Women who long to be part of a sacred community of women.

  • Women seeking to deepen and hone their gifts in spiritual companionship, while faithfully tending their own stories in sacred community.

  • Those seeking a community of women of sacred listening.