About Us

We are an amazing community of women that knows something beautiful happens in sharing your story with someone who listens from a compassionate, I'm-right-here-with-you place.

Your story is important.

With grateful heart, Spirations Institute serves women of all paths, callings, stages of life, orientations, faith traditions, and those who claim no particular tradition. 

You are welcome here.

How is Spirations unique?

We originate in Story.
Every story is a sacred story. Your story, the stories of the Holy, the stories of our world and cosmos - and all the places they intersect.

We're just for Women.
It's been our experience that something unique and wonderful happens when women gather.  Many of the Spirations community have a special heart for serving women, and many serve populations of men, women, children alike.

Ancient-Emergent Fusion
We are committed to exploring spiritual formation and spiritual practice as a fusion of the ancient wisdom of the world's rich spiritual traditions with the most fresh, innovative expressions of body-mind-soul living. Some would call this a post-modern and creative, lively and cutting-edge approach to spiritual direction training.

Our Approach
    •    Honoring the Cosmic Story, the Personal Story, and the Community Story
    •    Recognizing the whole of human experience as revelation of the Sacred
    •    Valuing process over progress
    •    Integration of sacred ritual
    •    Steeping our explorations of the Sacred deeply in the arts
    •    Moving through the world with openness, grace and compassionate action
    •    Entering into the ancient linage of women Story Midwives

Terms you might like to know more about:

Spirations - Related to breath as union with the Sacred

Interspiritual - A term coined by the late Brother Wayne Teasdale. Refers to the contemplative essence of the world's great religious / wisdom traditions.

Story Midwifery or Story Midwifing - A term coined by Trish Bruxvoort Colligan to describe her organic understanding of spiritual direction or soul mentoring. Spirations' foundational principle is that each person (and community for that matter) has a story that shapes his or her life; this story is sacred; and when we are invited to share our stories, there is healing and wholeness for ourselves and the world. Spiritual Directors are sometimes called Spiritual Companions, Spiritual Mentors or Soul Friends. Our emphasis on Spiritual Director as Story Midwife speaks to a woman compassionately and powerfully holding space for another to birth her own Story anew.

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