Is this you?

Here's a little "flavor" of the women that most thrive -- and whom we most love to have -- in our midst. Recognize yourself? Then, by all means, please check out our upcoming Anam Cara Circles (starting in March) and consider blessing us with your presence.

You're creative, bright, and thoughtful.

You're an artist of life. Your creative flair may come through writing, music, photography, or poetry. Maybe your genius shines in the kitchen or garden, in the midst of relationships, or from behind your computer monitor. You are drawn to beauty in the nooks and crannies that make up your everyday life.

Love is doing something big in your life.

And just what is that "something big"? You might have an inkling, you might not. Probably, you're at a threshold of transformation in your life. (It may or may not feel comfortable at the moment.) What is most certainly true: you want to be a conduit of love and healing in the world. When it's time to say "Yes", you want to be ready.

Community is your language.

You may have participated in life-changing, grace-filled, compassionate connection. Maybe you've been doing it alone for awhile and you're ready to try something new. You are saying yes to a circle of gifted women that holds you in loving community and welcomes you with all your gifts and quirks. (Yes, we all have them.)

Share a story, heal the world.

Something amazing happens when our stories are heard by one who listens from a compassionate, "I'm-right-here-with-you" place. It's happened to you: you've been both listener and sharer, and your heart lights lights up when touching into that deep, healing, soul-connected place.

You're a spiritual director, retreat leader, coach, mentor, or guide.

(Professionally, or not.)
Your listening ear has quite a reputation. Your compassionate spirit is known far and wide. And nothing could make you happier! You receive the stories of others as sacred gift, and seek always to listen from the heart of awareness, the spirit of kindness, and as an open channel of love. You're excited to connect with other women who are similarly offering themselves, to learn from their experiences.

Going deeper.

You've read books and been to seminars, retreats and workshops. You've got skills, and have worked for certificates, degrees, or training to represent your commitment. (Heck, you're probably even teaching some of this!) Now, you're ready for something deeper. It's time to take the next step and weave together these strands even more.

Inward, outward.

You've heard it before, and you know it's true: Put your own oxygen mask on first, then help those around you. Care of your own soul is at the top of your list, but at the end of the day, you'd like to be more intentional about it. Maybe self-care has been sorely missing from your life, and you're longing to reconnect. Bottom line is you know that when you're tending your own soul and stories, your heart is more open, more ripe for companioning others. (Which is what you really want, right?)

Presenting the Whole You.

You're not interested in a top-down, compartmentalized, or one-size-fits-all approach. There are many ways of knowing: the body carries wisdom; dreams and symbols are message-bringers; intuition is as important as thought. Everything belongs, nothing's wasted, and you want to bring it all with you.

Time for Awakening.

It's a time of great change. Everywhere you look, transformation is occurring. You welcome practices that stretch your awareness, hone your gifts, and ground you in compassion -- for today, and for what's yet to unfold. Your heart is open to receiving the deeper, sometimes unplanned, insights that will organically rise up within you. In short, now is the time. You are ready.

If you find yourself reflected here, please join us! We'd love to have you!


Is this not quite your cup of tea? If not, we'd still love to connect with you, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

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