Meet Trish


Trish Bruxvoort Colligan

Let me be the first one to tell you today:
Your story is amazing.

I'm a spiritual director, touring singer/songwriter, and human being committed to healing the world one story at a time. I've seen that when we are listened into the sacredness of our own stories, something in us is healed, and that healing ripples out into the world, for the world.

It's been said that my family name signifies "bridge builder": a name I wear proudly, thank you very much. In music and leadership, I tend to hang with diverse communities, from New Thought to conservative Christian, from Wiccan to Buddhist, from Jewish to women’s sacred circles to the folksy-artsy crowd. (Sometimes all in the same room -- imagine!) Yes, this makes it a little hard to pin me down into a particular genre, but I relish the fact that my work creates around me such a wonderfully assorted community.

For over 15 years, I've specialized in sacred ritual, one-on-one holy listening, and retreats for women. I graduated from the Center for Spiritual Guidance (now called Woman Well) in St. Paul, MN, and am ever bringing together my love of women, stories, poetry, music, dreamwork, intuition, and the arts into this amazing work I get to do.

Spend time with me and you will find that I live deeply and colorfully, and attempt to do so as compassionately and gracefully as possible. I'll be the first to admit: some days are decidedly more graceful than others.

My first meditation class came when I was in treatment for anorexia at age thirteen. Fast forward though lots of learning, heaps of healing, and years of searching and shedding of answers in favor for more questions, and here we are. I'm a Reiki Master and long-time student of the holistic arts of yoga, movement, sound and healing.

I share home among the hills of Strawberry Point, Iowa with my dearest companions: my husband Richard (a.k.a. my Beloved) and our 10-year-old son Sam; Willow, our new pitbull-mix puppy; and three very odd cats. The collar of our 15-year-old, much-beloved dog Abby still hangs on the wall, where we placed it when we said goodbye to her last year. (God bless grandmother dogs...)

Many people will find this website through my music, which is lovely, as the two are hand-and-glove in my heart. To date, I've recorded four CDs of original music and over a dozen more collaborative albums with my partner in crime music and life, Richard. BUT! This time next year I hope to take that solo CD number up to five; I'm currently writing for a new CD which is on the recording schedule for this year (2012).

And if that were not enough to fill a day, I'm also the homeschool skipper for Sam.

Hmmmm..... what else might you possibly want to know?

Bathtime is sacred time. Trader Joe's Peppermint Green Tea is on my top-three list this winter. We gave birth at home with the assistance of a midwife. Whether it's crumbs, piles of paper, emails or stray cats, I tend to attract clutter -- and I'm more okay with that than I ever used to be. (My beloved is at least more resigned to this fact, having lived with me for 12+ years.)

In summer 2010, The Shift Network named me a "Next-Generation Pioneer" as part of their The Sacred Awakening Series. (Nothing Star Trek related, btw, though I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to don one of those stretchy outfits for an afternoon.)

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