Trust me: you are making a difference in the world.

The world is healed one story at a time. And it starts with each one of us.

But this isn't news to you. You've worked hard to embody this healing presence for yourself, and for all those around you. You've taken the classes, read the books, met the teachers, done the deep work... And your life shows it!

But as you aspire to integrate honest-to-goodness wisdom among all the voices, possibilities, and expectations, it's easy to feel disoriented by what it means to be authentically you.
Your Feet Know this Path

True, you're not a newbie on the journey, and you've got a pocket full of stones to bear witness to the wonders you've seen. But even seasoned travelers need a sacred pause in the pace to catch their breath, Pilgrim; to drink in the landscape; to remember, and come home to the sacred Story woven throughout their lives.

Even as you listen compassionately to the hearts and stories of others, you may be feeling alone and weary, wondering, Where are my people? Is there a place I can let the 'real me' out to play?

The Way of the Anam Cara

Yes, there is a place for you! You can wholeheartedly recognize and passionately (not lukewarmly) embody the fullness and magnificence of your amazing life.

Hi, I'm Trish, your friendly neighborhood story midwife.

I've been helping women birth their stories for somewhere in the ballpark of 18.33 years (professionally for about fifteen), and since 2006, I've trained women in the art of waking up their own inner Story Midwife.

More than anything, I want you to realize that your life is a sacred work of art. I want everyone on the planet to know it, and I want us all to live it out in whatever colorful, ingenious ways we feel called to do it.

The word Spirations speaks to our breath in unity with the Sacred. Anam Cara is celtic for soul friend. Taken together, the possibilities are endless for awakening to the unique ways God's story is breathed through us into the world; and communing with other women at the well of soul friendship.

Here we listen each other into our fullness. Don't expect to see "seven point plans" or "three easy steps" around these parts. Just showing up, paying attention, and partaking of the beauty that's already, everywhere present, waiting to be beheld.

Won't you let me show you around?

Monthly Bliss Meditation
On the 11th of every month at 11:00 AM Central, I offer a call-in meditation called 11 Minutes of Bliss.
(My Beloved, Richard, is the Bliss MC, so you'll get to hear him, too.) When you sign up, we'll send you the call-in info so you can dial on for the live call, or catch the recording we email out after the call. This is an "always-and-forever-free" gift from me to you. It's a way to get to know me a little better without diving in whole hog. (We are from Iowa, you know.)

Anam Cara Circles 
Join me and a small circle of women in opening to the deep wisdom threads of your story. Poet David Whyte says that in poetry, we overhear ourselves saying things we didn't know we knew. That's the kind of magic that can happen when we share our stories together. Email Trish to be placed on the waiting list for 2013.

Just for Spiritual Directors

Are you a trained spiritual director? Join me and your peer Story Midwives for an Anam Cara Circle for Story Midwives for juicy personal and professional soul care each month. Email Trish to be placed on the waiting list for 2013.

One-on-one with Trish
If you're looking to dig into some soul-work with someone who is personally committed to you and your story, then this is for you. It might be the more personalized and intimate setting that calls to you; or the possibility to expand on what's awakening in response to an Anam Cara Circle. Either way, I'm ready to walk with you at your edges and to the center of your sweet spots; in the landscapes of exile and in your coming home; right where you are and in the dreams for what's yet to unfold.

Meet Trish (That's me.)

The good ol' bio page displaying all the fabulously interesting (or not) tidbits about me. At the very least, it makes for good Trish Trivia.

Coming soon!
Classes and At-Home Retreats in juicy topics such as Dreamwork, Embodied Intuition, and another round of Simply Noticing, a down-to-earth invitation to real-life mindfulness.


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